the american

i noticed this beautiful 60’s looking movie poster around town. a good poster is a rare thing these days. george clooney is not too bad either.

ježeva ku?ica

ježeva ku?ica or the hedgehog’s house was my favourite book when i was growing up. unfortunately i couldn’t find more images, this is just the cover. written by branko ?opi?, illustrated by vilko gliha-selan. here is a video of the whole story if you would like to see it.

i would LOVE to have a copy of this.

stationary porn

notebook love at tamasyn gambell.

a little bit of colour

these chairs by colonel.


lovely space and custom made furniture by polish design studio wunderteam. love their name too. this is a cafe at museum sztuki in lodz, poland.

laurent desgrange

wow, what a collection of bow ties. by french designer and artist laurent desgrange.

pass the baton

pass the baton is an online marketplace that originated in tokyo. it’s a place where people can sell their unwanted things like at a flea market. the difference is that each object is considered a symbol of ‘personal culture’ and is accompanied by a short introduction to the seller. the seller can also choose to give the proceeds to a charity. such a nice idea and the selection of items is pretty nice too.

(comme des garcons blouse, hermes silver bracelet, a pretty ceramic lady, christian dior floral top and a lamp i really like)

claire-anne o’brien

yes, more knitted things! this time these lovely stools by claire-anne o’brien. the mustard one can move into my house now please, thanks.

donna wilson

can’t seem to get into this summer thing. i love these blankets by donna wilson so much.

ceramic house

such an amazing clean space by spanish architect héctor ruiz-velázquez. maybe one day when i say goodbye to 90% of my things i can live like this too.

images via contemporist.

nuria mora

i noticed these bright geometric shapes painted around the streets of johannesburg this winter and took some snapshots while i was driving around. it took me six months to find out that their creator is a well know spanish artist nuria mora who spent some time in south africa as an artist in residence at the nirox foundation in the cradle of humankind. really nice work.

additional images of her work in joburg and spain by alberto de pedro via unurth street art.

eating with boys…

now that i’m working from home and i’m not influenced by hungry boys who eat pies and toasted sandwiches all day long, my meals are a much more healthy affair. my breakfast and lunch:



after all those woolly posts here’s one more appropriate for the season. screen printed vintage scarves from the 70’s by ascher for tallulah and hope. i also love the way they look as belts.


came across these beautiful hand made wool rugs from spain. they are called mangas which means sleeves. they do look like giant sleeves don’t they.

all images from gan rugs.

best in show

silly knitted dogs from a book called ‘best in show’ by sally muir and jo osborne. it contains 25 knitting patters so you can knit yourself a pooch of your choice. sweet.


this product has been around for about 50 years now in former yugoslavia and it brings back memories of bath time when i was a kid. baby bad? luckily ‘bad’ translates to ‘bath’ in german, dutch and afrikaans if i’m not mistaken. i still really love the packaging.

mid-century dream

my latest excuse for doing no work is that my home office doesn’t contain any of the following items:

all sold on ebay, all found on the genius mid-century modernist.

a really big one

i found this giant pencil at one of my favourite second-hand shops in graymont. everyone needs one of these right?

hey will, please send me a giant postcard from cape town. thanks.


i don’t eat it but i appreciate the humor in this felted bacon scarf. from etsy seller chris chunski

jaime hayon for lladró


anderson + coppola

wes anderson and roman coppola collaborate for stella artois. the set is a masterpiece.
watch the ad here.


james franco plays allen ginsburg in a movie about his poem ‘howl’. jon hamm is in it too. what more could you ask for. more about the movie here.

confession: i only know this because i googled james franco.


i need some colour to chear me up.

hundreds and thousands for kezia’s birthday this weekend.

trey speegle

see more here.

the last indulgence

i got these just before i put a stop to buying absolutely anything for a while (new or old, cheap or expensive). accept for food obviously and maybe a bunch of flowers. i love them and i love how they look old already like we’ve been friends forever. i don’t regret you shoes.

theodosis giannakidis

photographer theodosis giannakidis went back to his home town alexandroupoulis to capture these spaces. i love how quiet they are.

via yatzer.

anna-wili highfield

anna is an artist from australia. all her sculptures are made out of cotton paper. i love the birds but i had to include the horse too. how beautiful.


imagine if you could make pinatas and confetti for a living. these guys do. they’ve got it all figured out.

images via confetti systems and the selby.

red things

…and one feline art director helping me out.

peony season

what’s in the bag

the contents of my handbag.


a lion on donovan’s wall. i like it.