handmade anthropologie

the most beautiful one-of-a-kind kilim armchairs from antropologie.

love books

two lovely children’s books i came across at love books last sunday.

a ‘long piece of string’ is the best alphabet book for kids i’ve ever seen. a piece of string wraps itself around different objects, h for house, i for ice cream and so on. illustrated by william wondriska.

and ‘shadow’ by suzy lee. all about a little girl’s imagination and a world she finds in the shadows. beautiful.

now grow up frankie so i can buy these for you.

what type are you?

you can find out at pentagram. mine is archer hairline which happened to be my favourite after all.

weekend things

cats and babies. but not just any cats and any babies. in bed by 10:30 on friday night. out early on saturday morning and just in time for kings of leon golden circle tickets. nick’s birthday party on saturday night and some drunken pictures in front of the mirror. breakfast with the baskind crew on sunday morning and an afternoon at kim’s place with my other family. now back to work.

dreaming of


all images from national geographic traveler magazine.

the perfect blue

i have a strong urge to start changing things at home again (danger). especially this big white wall in our living room. spotted the perfect blue in a paris home featured in new york times. or is it blue-green or sea foam?

how to make it in america

latest obsession: this title sequence for ‘how to make it in america’. song, typography, editing. love everything about it. and the cute jewish boy too.

man i want to go to new york!

dreaming of

meteora in greece

images by jana

weekend things

i decided to do weekend posts again. this one is a little bit late but here it is anyway.

mariette’s beautiful work exhibited at left on friday night. my friend johan’s hawaiian tiki party on saturday. could have mistaken if for hawaaii after one more mai tai. and food, wine, design fair on sunday. what a lovely weekend.

the american

i noticed this beautiful 60’s looking movie poster around town. a good poster is a rare thing these days. george clooney is not too bad either.

ježeva kućica

ježeva kućica or the hedgehog’s house was my favourite book when i was growing up. unfortunately i couldn’t find more images, this is just the cover. written by branko ćopić, illustrated by vilko gliha-selan. here is a video of the whole story if you would like to see it.

i would LOVE to have a copy of this.

stationary porn

notebook love at tamasyn gambell.

a little bit of colour

these chairs by colonel.


lovely space and custom made furniture by polish design studio wunderteam. love their name too. this is a cafe at museum sztuki in lodz, poland.

laurent desgrange

wow, what a collection of bow ties. by french designer and artist laurent desgrange.