james franco plays allen ginsburg in a movie about his poem ‘howl’. jon hamm is in it too. what more could you ask for. more about the movie here.

confession: i only know this because i googled james franco.


i need some colour to chear me up.

hundreds and thousands for kezia’s birthday this weekend.

trey speegle

see more here.

the last indulgence

i got these just before i put a stop to buying absolutely anything for a while (new or old, cheap or expensive). accept for food obviously and maybe a bunch of flowers. i love them and i love how they look old already like we’ve been friends forever. i don’t regret you shoes.

theodosis giannakidis

photographer theodosis giannakidis went back to his home town alexandroupoulis to capture these spaces. i love how quiet they are.

via yatzer.

anna-wili highfield

anna is an artist from australia. all her sculptures are made out of cotton paper. i love the birds but i had to include the horse too. how beautiful.


imagine if you could make pinatas and confetti for a living. these guys do. they’ve got it all figured out.

images via confetti systems and the selby.

red things

…and one feline art director helping me out.

peony season

what’s in the bag

the contents of my handbag.


a lion on donovan’s wall. i like it.


i can’t think of a better way to start this again. i also can’t believe i’ve never heard of stefan kanchev. i’m embarrassed. this is just a small selection of his huge body of work. pure genius.

these good people are making sure he is not forgotten. thanks for doing such a good job.

hello new blog

Hello. This is where my new blog will live from now on. A little more grown-up and organised just like I’m trying to be. Welcome. I hope you like it.

Image from Etsy seller Bliss in a Tea Cup.