the american

i noticed this beautiful 60’s looking movie poster around town. a good poster is a rare thing these days. george clooney is not too bad either.

stationary porn

notebook love at tamasyn gambell.

a little bit of colour

these chairs by colonel.


lovely space and custom made furniture by polish design studio wunderteam. love their name too. this is a cafe at museum sztuki in lodz, poland.


this product has been around for about 50 years now in former yugoslavia and it brings back memories of bath time when i was a kid. baby bad? luckily ‘bad’ translates to ‘bath’ in german, dutch and afrikaans if i’m not mistaken. i still really love the packaging.


i can’t think of a better way to start this again. i also can’t believe i’ve never heard of stefan kanchev. i’m embarrassed. this is just a small selection of his huge body of work. pure genius.

these good people are making sure he is not forgotten. thanks for doing such a good job.