the perfect blue

i have a strong urge to start changing things at home again (danger). especially this big white wall in our living room. spotted the perfect blue in a paris home featured in new york times. or is it blue-green or sea foam?

claire-anne o’brien

yes, more knitted things! this time these lovely stools by claire-anne o’brien. the mustard one can move into my house now please, thanks.

donna wilson

can’t seem to get into this summer thing. i love these blankets by donna wilson so much.

ceramic house

such an amazing clean space by spanish architect héctor ruiz-velázquez. maybe one day when i say goodbye to 90% of my things i can live like this too.

images via contemporist.


came across these beautiful hand made wool rugs from spain. they are called mangas which means sleeves. they do look like giant sleeves don’t they.

all images from gan rugs.

best in show

silly knitted dogs from a book called ‘best in show’ by sally muir and jo osborne. it contains 25 knitting patters so you can knit yourself a pooch of your choice. sweet.

mid-century dream

my latest excuse for doing no work is that my home office doesn’t contain any of the following items:

all sold on ebay, all found on the genius mid-century modernist.

a really big one

i found this giant pencil at one of my favourite second-hand shops in graymont. everyone needs one of these right?

hey will, please send me a giant postcard from cape town. thanks.

peony season