dreaming of

meteora in greece

images by jana

pass the baton

pass the baton is an online marketplace that originated in tokyo. it’s a place where people can sell their unwanted things like at a flea market. the difference is that each object is considered a symbol of ‘personal culture’ and is accompanied by a short introduction to the seller. the seller can also choose to give the proceeds to a charity. such a nice idea and the selection of items is pretty nice too.

(comme des garcons blouse, hermes silver bracelet, a pretty ceramic lady, christian dior floral top and a lamp i really like)

a really big one

i found this giant pencil at one of my favourite second-hand shops in graymont. everyone needs one of these right?

hey will, please send me a giant postcard from cape town. thanks.


i need some colour to chear me up.

hundreds and thousands for kezia’s birthday this weekend.

red things

…and one feline art director helping me out.

what’s in the bag

the contents of my handbag.


a lion on donovan’s wall. i like it.

hello new blog

Hello. This is where my new blog will live from now on. A little more grown-up and organised just like I’m trying to be. Welcome. I hope you like it.

Image from Etsy seller Bliss in a Tea Cup.